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Mouse Pad

Disc Dividers for your CD Collection!

Sharp EL-1611 Printing Calculator

CountryBear Radio License Plate

CountryBear Radio ascot ( doubles as a bandana or a hanky!)


CountryBear Radio Key Chain


Our New Key Chain is free with every order.

You can also get a FREE Key Chain by sending a stamped self-addressed envelope to:

Box 758

Lake Placid, FL 33862



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               Stylish Spring/Fall Windbreakers------------     $35.00

      Winter Jackets--------------------------      55.00 

      Golf Caps-------------------------------      10.00 

       T-Shirts-------------------------------          12.00 
      Polo/Golf Shirts-------------------------       18.00  
     Mouse Pads-----------------------------       10.00 

           Disc Dividers----------------------------        7.95  
           Coffee Mug-----------------------------        5.00            
          Sharp EL-1611A Printing Calculator---------       14.95 
            CountryBear Radio License Plate--------------------    9.95  

		 CCCountryBear Radio Ascot------------7.50 



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